Every 15 Minutes

By: Christian Parish

Every 15 minutes someone dies from an alcohol related collision. People don’t consider their actions. They think just because they had just “a couple of beers” that they can drive or now be their friends DD (Designated Driver).  When in reality, they need a designated driver. Things might seem fine at the time but if something was to happen, then what? Are you gonna tell the police that you just had a “couple beers” or are you gonna tell your friend’s parents that you just had a “couple beers.” I see it on my peers’ Snapchat stories almost every weekend; it’s almost like they think they’re invincible. I watched “15 Minutes,” and I realized I could see this on the news about my peers from school.  This could happen on any weekend to people I pass every day and have small talk with.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve tried to get friends not to go to a party, almost begging them. But staying home and watching movies or playing video games isn’t “cool.” I personally experienced this when a friend texted me to come get them from a party because they were too intoxicated to drive. On my way to the party it made me, in a way happy, not because my friend was at a party or that he was intoxicated, but because he texted me asking for help instead of making the wrong decision.


It doesn’t matter if your town is big or small, or if there are a lot of cops patrolling or not. Don’t put your life, or the lives of others in the vehicle, or even the people driving on the road in danger. Teens need to see “15 minutes” so they can see the impact their actions have on not just them, but others as well. If you’re with a group of friends and bored, it doesn’t mean “Oh hey, let’s go to a party” or “lets just drink”. How about going bowling or to the movies, or just go somewhere y’all have never been? Don’t waste your time while you have it, because tomorrow is never promised.

Christian Parish is a student at Starks High School in Starks, Louisiana. Click here to watch the video "15 Minutes" that inspired Christian's post. 

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