Truth, Facts, + Lies, LLC Announces Implemenation Proposal

Phase 1: (Spring 2016) Twenty students at each of five area pilot schools will meet all with the facilitators twice (April and May 2016) for Sessions 1 and 2. There will be one facilitator and one assistant in each school setting. 

(Fall 2016) The same twenty students from the Spring 2016 sessions at each of our five pilot schools will meet once per month September through December 2016, with their program graduation in December 2016. 


Phase 2: (Spring & Fall 2017) Start the program in January 2017 from session one with a new group of twenty students in the original five Pilot schools in addition to four more high schools. These students will meet once per month January through April 2017 and September through November 2017, with their program graduation in November 2017. 


We can expand the program to include new schools and possibly hand off the program modules (which will contain the Power Point files, lesson plans, and videos of each session) to the original five pilot schools to continue with their own staff while our volunteer group can move into the new schools. Or, our team can continue to function as facilitators of the program in the pilot schools and in the new schools until ALL Calcasieu Parish high schools are successfully integrating the program into their schedules and the students are actively pursuing student-led planned activities within the student body and the community.


2017 Schools: Bell City High, Sam Houston High, Washington Marion High, Sulphur High

2018 Schools: Westlake High, Iowa High

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    Beverly Hooks (Wednesday, 30 May 2018 16:51)

    Have you considered bringing this program into the middle schools? We deal with a lot of cyber bullying at this level.