Truth, Facts & Lies is a seven-session educational program designed by B Curriculum, LLC. Each session is developed based on current adolescent brain research, statistics, and feedback from teens. The goal is to engage participants in a guided discussion regarding social issues they face on a regular basis. We want our participants to be so comfortable talking about these issues in a classroom setting that when they are faced with them in the real world, they are confident in their ability to make a smart, informed decision. Teens will learn best from one another; therefore, our participants are empowered to become the leaders among their peers. They can provide factual information and guide their friends to safely navigate life in the digital age.


These are not your average school lectures! They are facilitated discussions designed to engage the learner and increase their processing of new information. We create a safe environment, free of judgement, in which students can crowdsource solutions to everyday dilemmas and find their “graceful out” of social situations in which they do not feel comfortable.  We include games, trivia, what would I do scenarios, surveys, etc. Each session includes a parent newsletter with extra resources and conversation starters.


Students who have completed the program are reporting significant behavior changes and increased knowledge in all areas covered, most notably in their social media presence and dating behaviors. In post evaluations the number one comment when asked “What would you change about the program?” is “MORE”, more sessions, more times, more topics, more students.


Sessions include: Bullying, Controlling Your Digital Footprint, Online Solicitation & Human Trafficking, Dating & Relationship Abuse, The Teenage Brain & Addiction, and Teens, Sex & the Law. *


The program culminates in Awareness Day.  Participants set up an informational booth at their school that includes candy, games, and a give-away, and have an opportunity to share their knowledge with their peers.


We offer parent sessions, in which guardians can be the student.  In one hour, we give a brief overview of each session, talk about anticipatory guidance and communication strategies, and offer a few safety tips.


Take Charge is the newest addition to Truth, Facts & Lies. This is a series designed just for teenage girls and addresses issues that teen girls, themselves, have identified as problems, such as, sexual harassment, the image of women in media, relationships, etc.


*Teen, Sex & the Law is a program from the Audrey Hepburn Care Center in New Orleans, LA. It has been presented to thousands of students across the state of Louisiana over the past few years. The program covers Louisiana law as it relates to teens & sex. This is NOT sex education. We review laws that govern consent, rape, sexting, cyberbullying, etc.