programs we offer

<•> truth, facts, + lies school program

Truth, Facts & Lies is a seven-session, social emotional learning program that empowers teens to successfully navigate the unique challenges they face. Our team is committed to meeting the needs of youth, as identified by the students we serve. Every topic covered is selected by teens. Our teen focus groups approve content, graphics, and activities. By allowing the students to guide development, we have ensured that the content is relevant and impactful to them. In each session, students are guided to develop exit strategies to remove themselves from uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations. They are working on communication skills, conflict resolution, and improving the culture of their school and community. All content is research-based and was developed using best practices in education, mental health, and health care. Post evaluations are showing increased knowledge and significant behavior changes in all areas covered. Parent newsletters are provided for each session to encourage parents to continue the conversation at home. 

<•> High School edition

Truth, Facts & Lies High School Edition is designed for 9th to 12th grade students. It can be implemented in a variety of ways; a few examples include health class, civics, physical education class, or club settings. Topics include setting and communicating boundaries, sexual abuse, bullying, social media safety, online solicitation and human trafficking, dating and relationship abuse, and addiction. 

<•> Middle School edition

Truth, Facts & Lies Middle School Edition is designed for 7th-9th grade students. Topics include setting and communicating boundaries, sexual abuse, bullying, critically evaluating media, sexual harassment through the lens of Title IX law, and a three-part series on addiction covering nicotine, Juuling, marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs, opioids, and pornography. 

<•> Sexual abuse education

Over the past several years, 37 states have passed Erin’s Law mandating that students receive education regarding sexual abuse. After discussing boundaries and identifying a trusted adult as their “go to” safe person, students will learn to define sexual abuse, look at prevalence rates, create a list of trusted adults they can go to should it happen to them or a friend, and how to a respond to someone who discloses abuse to them. The content was developed to be sensitive to the potential victims in the room and let them know that it is never too late to tell. Both high school and middle school programs are Erin's Law compliant. 

<•> Birds, Bees & STDs

Birds, Bees & STDs focuses on consent, sexual abuse, assault, and sexually transmitted infection prevention. Content is based on CDC guidelines and is updated yearly to reflect the most up to date research and data. 

<•> parents & social media

We have a 90-minute presentation just for parents and adults who interact with teens. We look at brain development and communication strategies, how social media is affecting teen lives and their brains, anticipatory guidance and current research findings on social issues facing teens. We discuss strategies for monitoring your teen’s social media activity. If you would like to schedule a parent seminar, email

<•> guest speaker for conferences

Our team has had the privilege of presenting information regarding teens, communication strategies, and social issues for medical professionals, social workers, law enforcement, educators & counselors. We have presented at the Connections Count conference for the past several years, SREB education conference, etc. If you are interested in booking someone from our team for your organization, please contact

accolades & reviews

truth, facts, + lies school program

“I enjoyed learning the stuff I did in TFL. It’s a program that I believe will change people’s lives. I appreciate the time y’all took out of your day to teach us this.”

-9th grade student    

“I liked how y’all knew what you were covering and helped us find solutions.”

– 9th grade student

“No one is talking to us about this stuff. Maybe they’re uncomfortable? But we need to hear it because we’re exposed to it everyday.”

-9th grade female after Addiction session

“Before the abuse lesson I though I was weird because I wasn’t making my boyfriend check in or go through his phone. Now I know I’m doing it right”

-11th grade student

parent education

“This was an excellent presentation; lots of WONDERFUL information! EXCELLENT!”    

“My children are a little younger so this was a really great lesson for me on where to start. You will see me again in the future.”