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Truth, Facts & Lies is an educational program for teens, consisting of seven monthly sessions, aimed at increasing their knowledge of human trafficking, online solicitation, social media safety, relationship abuse, and the effects of pornography & drugs on the brain. By working through these issues in a safe classroom setting, students will be better prepared to confront them in everyday life/social situations, away from school. They will also gain more confidence in their abilities to discuss these issues with their peers. Students who have completed the program are reporting significant behavior changes in the areas covered, most notably, their social media presence and relationship interactions.


  • September: Getting to Know You
  • October: Social Media & Digital First Impressions
  • November: Online Solicitation & Human Trafficking
  • January: Dating & Relationship Abuse
  • February: Teens, Sex & the Law*
  • March: Pornography & Your Brain
  • April: Awareness Day

*Teens, Sex & the Law is owned by the Children’s Advocacy Center of New Orleans. 

We have been overwhelmed with the support from the Calcasieu Parish School Board, Family & Youth, Senator Ronnie Johns, Representative Mark Abraham & District Attorney John DeRossier. We are proud to have a nationally recognized curriculum developer working on lesson content. Our program is currently in thirteen area high schools, with plans to add up to four more schools in fall 2018. All of our team members are volunteers with no one receiving compensation for their time. All services are offered to the school system free of charge.


We are excited to announce that we are developing our first Teen Advisory Board. Students who have completed the program have the opportunity to apply for the board. They will serve a one-year term to assist with program develop and mentoring middle school students. At the end of their term, one student will receive a $2500 scholarship.


We are asking our community for sponsorships to help offset the costs of the program, such as printed materials for our students to use with their peers, scholarship funding, education and vetting of all volunteers, and non-salary administrative costs. Truth, Facts & Lies is implement in by The Southwest Louisiana Youth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Receipts will be provided for all contributions.


  • Presenting Sponsor: ($2500+) Title credits, company logo on student t-shirts & website, mention in all media coverage, opportunity to attend session of your choice
  • School Sponsor: ($1500-$2499) Company logo on t-shirts & website, opportunity to attend session of your choice
  • Community Sponsor: ($500-$1499) Company name listed on t-shirt
  • Friends: Individual or corporate giving opportunity up to $499

 Checks may be made payable to The Southwest Louisiana Youth Foundation

The Southwest Louisiana Youth Foundation Board of Directors greatly appreciates your support of the teens in our community and our program. For more information, email kari@truthfactslies.org.



If you are unable to view the Truth, Facts, + Lies Donation Contract pdf in your browser, you can download it here »