How can I help?

"How can I help?" is a simple yet powerful question. Ask it, and you could change someone's life. And you could wind up transforming your own in the process. By volunteering, you can help teens know the boundaries and provide them with the tools they need to stand up for themselves and decrease their chances of becoming a victim. Guardians won’t always be there to defend teens against naive, risky behavior. Teaching them the truth, facts, and lies of the important issues they face, empowers them to be better prepared to make smarter decisions.


Program topics include Online Safety & Solicitation and its connection to Human Trafficking, Abuse, Sexual Consent and Louisiana Law, and Addiction.  Our volunteers, who undergo extensive training on mandatory reporting, abuse, content and delivery methods, meet with their students once a month through spring and fall facilitating discussions on each topic. They will be observed by a Truth, Facts & Lies, LLC board member at least once/year and engage in an evaluation meeting to discuss strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement and suggestions for the future.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please download and fill out the form provided below then mail it to: Truth, Facts & Lies, LLC, 419 Alamo Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601.



If you are unable to view the Truth, Facts, + Lies Volunteer Intake Form pdf in your browser, you can download it here »